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case application


Corkscrew shape Alcohol Tester – It is customized by “Ovi Technology”. Customized shell according to customer requirements,the appearance and meaning are closely related to our products.


The product can be retailed and also sell hotels, bars and other public places largely, always reminding persons “safe drive”


Cylindrical Rotary Buckle Alcohol Tester– It is customized by one Shenzhen Technology Co.Ltd.this product has portable and exquisite appearance.


The accurate test data indicate by three-color indicator lights,the person can know the result simply and clearly.
USB charging, ready to use at any time.


Acetone Tester with APP – It is customized by Canadian customers. It is developed based on customer support APP and collected huge data. It mainly tests the acetone content in the human body and focuses on the acetone tester for weight loss and fitness.connected to the APP,so as to realize the monitoring of body-related health indicators through “breath + Internet”, and make it easier and more convenient for users to understand the health status of the body

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